Build the future of histology

Join our mission to improve outcomes for every cancer patient with AI driven insights from digital pathology.

The opportunity

GTL is a growing, well-supported, and dynamic AI biomarker company with great ambitions in the healthtech space. We continue to build our exceptional, inter-disciplinary team to keep bringing cutting-edge research to life.

Built at the world's leading research organisations ↘︎

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Our process


Initial interview

A short call where we learn more about each other.


Technical assessment

A short take-home task or scenario interview.


Role assessment

Deeper interviews and introductions with the GTL team.



We'll make you an offer and get you started.

Join a team at the intersection of research and technology

We are scientists and engineers. Problem solvers and product builders. We are a diverse team of individuals, all builders at heart.

You are clear, concise and engaging
Effective communication is essential, and we value individuals who are clear in their interactions.
You take pride in producing high-quality work
We deliver work to the highest possible standard, pay attention to detail, and constantly strive for improvement.
You favour a strategic approach
We take a bird's eye view of complex issues, identify underlying patterns, and develop effective strategies.
You're collaborative and enjoy co-creation
This means being open to diverse perspectives, bouncing ideas off of each other, and building upon each other's strengths.