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Improve outcomes for every cancer patient with AI driven insights from digital pathology.


Our interdisciplinary team brings together a wealth of experience in artificial intelligence, clinical pathology, oncology, and biomarker development, ensuring a comprehensive approach to solving your complex problems.

  • Alan Aberdeen

    Alan Aberdeen headshot

    Co-founder & CEO

    Alan founded GTL along with Korsuk and Jens in 2019. Beyond GTL he has long track record in building software and tools, including widely used open-source pathology annotation software. Alan studied Engineering at Oxford and HCI across Paris and Berlin.

  • Korsuk Sirinukunwattana

    Korsuk Sirinukunwattana headshot

    Co-founder & CTO

    Korsuk is a leading AI and computational pathology technologist with a long list of publications from his industry-leading work at GTL as well as research completed at Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford.

  • Jens Rittscher

    Jens Rittscher headshot

    Co-founder & CSO

    Jens leads the Quantitative Biological Imaging group at the University of Oxford. Jens has a wealth of industry experience having led research groups focused on computer vision at General Electric for over a decade.

  • Saad Bashir

    Saad Bashir headshot

    Machine Learning Scientist

    Saad is a leading researcher with a breadth and depth of Machine Learning and Computer science research project leadership and academic publications. Saad earned his PhD from the University of Warwick.

  • Vasco Ferreira Pinto

    Vasco Ferreira Pinto headshot

    Head of Strategy and Operations

    Vasco has nearly a decade of industry experience across biotech, diagnostics and biopharma services delivering for customers like Roche, Argenx and Eli Lily among others.

  • Róisín NicAmhlaoibh

    Róisín NicAmhlaoibh headshot

    VP Business Development

    Róisín has led business development activity across academic, public and industry sectors globally, focused on building strong partnerships to bring cutting edge technologies to the clinic to benefit patients.

  • Ka Ho Tam

    Ka Ho Tam headshot

    Software Engineer

    Ka Ho Tam is a software developer with a DPhil from the University of Oxford. He has made significant contributions in machine learning and histopathology, and has played a key role in advancing cloud-based radiology platforms as a full-stack developer.

  • Sam Maxwell

    Sam Maxwell headshot

    Software Engineer

    Sam, with an MSc in Biomedical Engineering and a rich background in software engineering and data science, has proven his prowess in building and maintaining robust platforms for fintech and healthcare sectors.

  • Xuezi Hu

    Xuezi Hu headshot

    Machine Learning Scientist

    Xuezi is a machine learning scientist with experience in computational biology and geophysical imaging. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and master’s degree in Systems Biology at the University of Cambridge.

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  • Dr Daniel Royston

    Dr Daniel Royston headshot

    Pathology Lead

    Daniel Royston is a leading haematopathologist in clinical and research globally. He is a practising Consultant at the Oxford University Hospital with a vast list of contributions to research in the field of specialty cancers, particularly advancing global knowledge of MPNs.

  • Prof Tim Maughan

    Prof Tim Maughan headshot


    Tim Maughan is Professor of Clinical Oncology at the University of Oxford and CEO of the National Cancer Research Institute. He was the founding chair of the NCRI Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group, which has a broad remit to enhance radiotherapy research in the UK.

  • Prof Viktor Koelzer

    Prof Viktor Koelzer headshot


    Prof. Viktor Koelzer holds the first professorship for digital pathology in Switzerland with the key strategic aim of digitalization of clinical pathology diagnostics and research at the University Hospital Zurich.


  • Vincent Fert

    Vincent Fert headshot


    Vincent is an accomplished executive in the diagnostics industry and a seasoned entrepreneur. He founded HalioDX, and under his leadership as Chairman and CEO, he successfully expanded the company until its prosperous acquisition by Veracyte.

  • Dr Liliane Chamas

    Dr Liliane Chamas headshot

    Board member

    Liliane has over a decade of experience across genetics research and digital innovation in health systems. Bringing to GTL a track record of deploying digital solutions to address health issues on a global scale.

  • Dr Heather Roxborough

    Dr Heather Roxborough headshot


    Heather is a highly experienced venture capitalist, with over 20 years investment and company building experience in health tech and consumer healthcare.