AI-poweredspatial biomarkers

Ground Truth Labs AI platform quantifies complex spatial biomarkers from images of routine histopathology slides, guiding drug development, de-risking clinical trials and advancing clinical diagnosis.

Current methods are limited

  1. Analysis variability: Subjectivity causes inconsistencies across samples and timepoints. The use of categorical grading systems to combat this strip away nuanced details, critical for accurate analysis.
  2. Slow turnaround times: Traditional methods often require batching and can cause delays, leading to increased study durations and cost overruns.
  3. Limited tissue samples: The need for larger samples can limit the scope of tests, potentially affecting the depth of the trial's analysis.

AI-powered spatial biomarkers overcome traditional limitations and enhance trial decisions

Robust subtyping

Illustration of samples stratified by biomarker subtype

Objective comparisons between patients, cohorts, and treatments.

Fast quantitation

Heatmap biomaker quantitation

Transforming traditional grading with robust, spatial metrics in near real-time.

Deep insights

Illustration movement across disease space over sequential samples

Measure therapeutic response against a backdrop of morphological disease variation.

All from standard slides

Get more from your existing data and workflows — no special staining or obscure data requirements.

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