AI to unlockinsights from tissue

Ground Truth Labs is the AI biomarker company - use our platform to guide drug discovery, de-risk clinical trials, and advance clinical diagnosis.

Leverage the latest in AI technology for informed, fast, and effective clinical trials


Enable objective, quantitative comparisons between patients, cohorts, and treatments

See how we quantified the shape, size, and texture of cells which hold critical morphological clues to subtypes of rare blood cancer.
illustration of a library of megakaryocytes arranged by features


Stop waiting for test results

Instant and reliable probabilistic analysis from the standard diagnostic slides you already use. Easily integrates into existing workflows.


Ensure you screen for the right patients at the morphological level

See how your samples compare to a well-curated and highly annotated cohort. Samples viewed in disease space allow for a nuanced interpretation of certainty.

Illustration of cohort indexing: showing a few patient samples in the context of disease space.

Get more from your existing data and workflows

See the forest for the trees - our biomarkers scrutinise millions of cells and reams of fibrosis along with molecular and other data to get the complete picture.

A better way to analyse everything in context

Our platform enables multi-modal analysis and interpretation for a composite view of patient data including, molecular, demographic and histopathological; all against the backdrop of the wider disease space

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