Ground Truth Labs


Our mission is to improve our understanding of disease and the lives of patients through enhanced histology.


We have a strong foundation in research, which began with our roots in the Quantitative Biological Imaging group at the University of Oxford. Our team has a wealth of experience publishing papers, giving talks, and writing articles on the intersection of machine learning and biological imaging. Through our extensive work in this area, we have demonstrated the immense potential of AI in enhancing imaging.


But it is in histology that we see the biggest opportunity - tissue morphology contains an absolutely massive amount of signal that's not yet captured by todays practice. To twist a well known trope; Deep learning is eating the world and histology is a field where it can make a significant impact today.


The experimental leading edge is pushed in published papers. But, with GTL we spun out to take a different angle: to build a company of technologists and clinicians that can turn that research and into products that improve the lives of patients today.


  • Alan Aberdeen

    Co-founder & CEO

    Alan builds things; software, tools, teams, models. He studied Engineering at Oxford and HCI across Paris and Berlin.

  • Korsuk Sirinukunwattana

    Co-founder & CTO

    Korsuk lives between the hidden layers of a convNet - from here he has published leading work in computational pathology at Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford.

  • Jens Rittscher

    Co-founder & CSO

    Professor Jens Rittscher leads the Quantitative Biological Imaging group at the University of Oxford - pushing the state of the art in computational pathology.

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